Managing Client & Vendor Info

Zenyo Workforce management system helps you keep all your client & vendor details organized and accessible, enabling you to refine your hiring process to identify and attract the best candidates for each role.

Managing Client & Vendor

Placement Records

The Placements section stores all applicant profiles confirmed by the client and placed in jobs, including their payment details, for easy staffing management.

Placement Records

SOW Management

Create and manage SOWs for all your projects. Build SOWs with project timelines, payment terms, customizable workflows, budgets, and project outlines, and send them for approval. Zenyo helps you save time, money, and headaches by simplifying your SOW management process.

SOW Management

Send Invoices that
Get Paid on Time

Receive timely payments from the clients by sending an accurate and precise invoice. Customize the layout of the invoice or select a template that fits. This helps you stay on top of your finances and avoid late payments for effective staffing management.

Send Invoices

Review and Record Invoices

This is a place to organize and prioritize invoices, review vendor statements, ensure timely approval, and monitor accounts for up-to-date payments. Accounts payable is responsible for tracking accurately what needs to be paid, ensuring proper approval of payments, and processing payments.

Review and Record Invoices

Advancing the Staffing Process

Fetch details
Fetch details

Start with validation of placement data, client, and vendor information, and secure them in an organized location for better staffing management.

Submit for payment
Make payment tracking

Easily track all payment details, including payments made, payments in progress, and payments awaiting approval, in an organized and accessible system that supports effective staffing management.

Make payment tracking
Submit for payment

Efficiently generate and send invoices and statements of work (SOWs) to clients to simplify billing processes and maintain accurate records.

Benefits from Effective
Staffing Management

Choose the approval workflow
that works best

Accurate budgeting and cost control are enabled by a clear understanding of project expectations for you and your client through SOW management.

All the valuable placement
data in one place

You can maintain a comprehensive record of successful placements confirmed by the client, including their payment details.

Quicker payments
from clients

You can generate professional-looking invoices that convey a sense of urgency to the clients to make payments promptly.

Sustain good relationships
with clients and vendors

Benefit from a consolidated approach to client and vendor information management to optimize staffing management.

Precise payment analysis

Regular verification of payment status can help identify and correct any errors or delays before they lead to disputes.

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Make the best decision for your
workforce staffing management