Role-Based Access Control

It all starts by assigning unique roles to your employees, defining their access privileges to sensitive information, and mapping out their authorized actions. Safeguard your data by reducing the risk of data breaches and insider threats.

Level Up with Benchmarking

Identify the A-players on your company payroll who are currently not actively engaged in a project, and give them the chance and support by placing them on the bench. It helps you with resource allocation, employee management, and strategic planning.

Level up with benchmarking
Speed Up the Start with Onboarding Tasks

Onboarding tasks help new employees hit the ground running and be passionate about their work. Creating an onboarding kit for employees helps them stay organized and ensures they take important steps.

Onboarding tasks
Track Your Team's Status

Achieve error-proof employee status tracking. With Zenyo, you can easily track employee status, move employees to different statuses based on their leave, notice period, bench, and termination, and filter your team by status.

Track your team's status
People Data Management

Organizing, tracking, and managing your workforce efficiently pays off. Assign employees to the categories, employment types, departments, and roles that best fit their skills and experience. Consolidate employee data into a single system.

People data

Understanding the Process of
Employee Management

Records secure
Team onboarding

Time management includes tracking the start and end times of work shifts, breaks, and overtime. It is the process of recording employee hours worked.

Easy share
Create engagement

Zenyo Workforce calculates employee pay and taxes based on hours worked, pay rate, and leaves. It integrates with Zenyo Payroll to generate employee-based pay with tax calculations.

Upcoming expirations
Employee supervision

Absence management system is for approving or denying leave requests, tracking employee leave balances, and generating reports on employee absences.

The Positive Outcomes of
Employee Management

Retain best talents
Retain best talents

Ease administrative processes by creating benefit groups tailored to job titles, departments, or any specified criteria.

Address performance issues
Identify and address performance issues

Anticipate renewals and prevent disruptions effortlessly with the plan expiration overview.

Bright start
Give a warm welcome and a bright start

Consolidation of all your benefits into a single place simplifies management and tracking, saving time and energy while maximizing employee benefit value.

Data security
Improve data security and confidentiality

Zenyo's benefit management solutions help you build a more engaged and satisfied workforce by making it easy to customize benefits packages to each employee's individual needs.

Transform your

employee management approach today