Timesheet Entry with Quick Approvals

Streamline task tracking for your employees with Zenyo's intuitive time management timesheet system, designed for efficient recording and submission of completed assignments. Designate quick approval authorities, ensuring an easy approval process.

Timesheet Entry

Request Time Off

Employees can use Zenyo's absence management to request time off, check their leave history, and track the status of their requests. Approvers can view the leave calendar and approve or deny requests based on workforce availability.

Request Time Off

Synchronizing with Payroll

Access detailed employee leave records and timesheet reports effortlessly. Seamlessly integrate Zenyo Payroll with Zenyo Workforce for simplified HR management and payroll processes.

Sync with Payroll

Leave Accrual

Monitor your team's leave balances, with automatic carryovers aligned with your company's policies. Adjust balances effortlessly by adding or subtracting after each instance of leave.

Leave Accrual

Customize Pay Rates for Enhanced Fairness

Customize holiday pay for specific employee groups based on location or use default settings for all, ensuring consistency. Our system provides flexibility in overtime settings, allowing you to opt for default options for all or advanced settings.

Customize Pay Rates

Multi-Holiday Calendar

Simplify holiday planning and manage your workforce effortlessly across various locations or shifts with Zenyo Workforce's multi-holiday calendar. Ensure that everyone gets the time off they need while maintaining proper time and absence management.


Mechanics of
Absence & Timesheet Management


Time management includes tracking the start and end times of work shifts, breaks, and overtime. It is the process of recording employee hours worked.

Absence Management
Payroll Processing

Zenyo Workforce calculates employee pay and taxes based on hours worked, pay rate, and leaves. It integrates with Zenyo Payroll to generate employee-based pay with tax calculations.

Payroll Processing
Absence Management

Absence management system is for approving or denying leave requests, tracking employee leave balances, and generating reports on employee absences.

Keys to a More Efficient and
Productive Workforce

Keep your team happy
Keep your team happy and productive

Manage your workforce across multiple locations and shifts with Zenyo Workforce's comprehensive multi-holiday calendar to balance productivity.

Recognize the dedication
Recognize the dedication, hour by hour

Zenyo's time management can help you create a more equitable workplace by allowing you to customize pay rates and overtime settings.

Feel good about paydays
Making you feel good about paydays

Zenyo payroll and workforce management combine to form a powerful combination for easy time, absence, and payroll calculations to make the paydays effortless.

Flexible Approval
Flexible approval process

You can enable swift and efficient approvals by delegating authority to qualified individuals, eliminating delays, and enhancing process speed.

Manage leaves
The smart way to manage leaves

Zenyo Workforce makes HR simpler by enabling effortless absence management, including automatic leave carryovers and future projections of balance leaves.

Take control of your workforce's
time and attendance with Zenyo Workforce