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Lacks of existing Indian HR software and need for new software

Investment Declarations and Proofs

HR departments struggle with collecting and verifying employee investment declarations and proofs, which are critical for tax exemptions and deductions.

System Integration Issues

Integrating HR with other systems like accounting and HR is complex due to varying data formats and vendor differences.

Human Error

Manual HR administration is prone to errors, causing delays and miscalculations, especially as companies scale up.

Navigating Complex Challenges

Remote Worker Payroll Management

Zenyo simplifies remote worker payroll management by intelligently navigating varied state tax laws and time zones. This ensures accuracy, minimizes potential errors, and provides a hassle-free payroll experience for dispersed teams.

Efficient Integration of Systems

Zenyo resolves system integration challenges by offering a unified platform that effortlessly integrates payroll with accounting and HR systems, overcoming complexities arising from varying data formats.

Investment Declarations and Proofs Management

Streamline the collection and verification of employee investment declarations and proofs, ensuring a seamless process for tax exemptions and deductions.

Compliance with Employment Tax Laws

Zenyo eases the burden of compliance with employment tax laws by providing real-time updates and automated features, ensuring your business stays abreast of evolving regulations and avoids penalties

Robust Security Shield

Say goodbye to vulnerabilities associated with unsecured formats like Excel, ensuring your sensitive employee data remains impenetrable and protected from potential data breaches.

Automated Payroll Accuracy

Zenyo's automated payroll system eradicates manual administration challenges, eliminating delays and miscalculations. It offers an error-proof payroll processing journey, ensuring unparalleled accuracy and efficiency, meeting all your payroll needs effortlessly.

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